Peloton Sports/TORC Weekly News 02/08/2016

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Peloton Sports/TORC Weekly News

Hunter Classic
Our annual Hunter Classic is coming up in a few weeks (21st Aug 2016) and should be another fabulous one day classic. The ride starts at Turramurra Cyclery and finishes at Harrigans in Pokolbin for a well deserved lunch. Everyone will be driven home on the booked bus where you can have a nap or analyse the ride on Strava!

For more information and registration - please click here. Make sure you register asap so we can firm up the booking for the bus and organising the event.

Young Racers!
Our Our youngest members of Peloton sports did us proud (3 generations of Rowling cyclists) on Sunday afternoon out at Lansdowne Reserve, racing the Interschool competition Indi (6 yrs) and Hudson (8 years) competed against 30 other children in 3 events, an individual time trial, a scratch race and a handicap race.

Great results from both giving all they could to the point that Indi was going to vomit! and Hudson in the handicap dropping his grade group and holding off the 14 year olds scratch bunch only to be beaten on the line. What an amazing experience for the kids and such a brilliant event to be a part of.

Quote from the day from Indi “I couldn’t help smiling when I rode through all the people watching, when they were all clapping for me it felt so good I couldn’t help smiling!’…

The Sunday Pink Ladies Ride was amazing, well done everyone :) & Thanks Penny!

Events for the week 02/08

Wednesday 03/08

TORC Night Ride
7.00pm Hornsby pool gates (Just before the TAFE)

Thursday 04/08

Thursday Casual Nibbles and Drinks (free)
6.30pm Bar Stelvio, back of Turramurra Cyclery

Friday 05/08

Friday Fatbuster
6.15am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark

Saturday 06/08

Saturday West Head/Akuna Bay
7.00am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark
TORC Perimeter Trail ride more info
7.00am Parking behind Nandos, Mona Vale Rd, St Ives

Sunday 07/08

The Sunday Ride to Peats Ridge
The Shorter Sunday Ride to Pie in the Sky
7.00am Turramurra Cyclery CarparkOther News

Steve's Ride Report
Your correspondent (and his beloved spouse - Ms Correspondent) have a ritual at about this time of year - we head north for about a week to the Central Coast for a week’s riding and not looking at the stuff that needs doing about the house. So it was that we had a delightful five days at Magenta Shores just 4 kilometres north of the Entrance - an hour from our house. Lots of riding - the Fernleigh track comes well and truly recommended for riders whose spouses enjoy shorter rides in absolutely gorgeous scenery - looking at you Chris B, Sally would love it.

So the legs were hurting Sunday when we started the ride out to Pitt town for a (relatively) painless jaunt out west. The weather gods smiled and gave us nearly perfect weather. Rowdy and Jake opened the innings with the first thirty kilometres or so out along Pennant Hills Road and the tope of Pitt Town Road. At the top of road they rolled off the handed over to the big guns and the likes of Boneman, Dave R and co took over the work. A smooth pace was had along Windsor Road and through Pitt Town with (almost) everyone taking a good turn at the front - Darren S, Tony D, Pete B and Chris B kept the pace up it wasn’t long before we got to that nasty little rise before Halcrows and I attacked Stuart C (stirling effort there, Stuart) and the split was formed. Having got rid of Rowdy, Tony H, Dave B, Soonami and other riff raft the rest set a solid but not devastating pace up back for some of V’s Great coffee.

Congratulations to Deb Deb and Tony D for the cracking pace up Halcrows, and to Ron Dogz for the clear calling from the back. I’m sure her diction has improved since she started teaching - we can all learn a few safety tips from that Gal.

Many thanks to Penny R, Pink Geoff and PD for the terrific Pink Ride which seems to have been a major success. Mrs Correspondent and her friends enjoyed their ride, and it was great to see so many new faces.

Peats Ridge this week, Hunter coming up.

Life’s good when it you’re on a bike.

See you on the road,


Mid Year Ladies - Pink Ride - Sunday 31st July
Wowwwwwww,... !!!

For mid Winter, what a great morning we had. The clouds early kept the temp well into double figures and then the sun came out. As promised there was a ride option for everyone. There were 13 of us this time, plus Paul & Jeff.

First a BIG THANK YOU to our Ride Helpers – Paul & Jeff – They are just so caring & attentive, and keep telling me they really love coming out in Pink to meet you all & be of assistance. You guys rock.

Also another BIG THANK YOU to Veronica,.. She extended her ride a little then raced back to the shop to be there early to get the Coffee machine fired up. And also to Meredith another BIG THANK YOU for shepherding Jill, Jenny, Helen & Monika back through Bobbin Head. You ladies did an awesome ride,.. The short ride, then Bobbo. Well done.

Amy & I rode on to the Berowra turn & to the shops then back, but via Bobbin Head,.. A big ride for you Amy congratulations – 64kms approx.

The balance, the warriors, Susan, Joanne, Natalie, Jen B, Sally, plus Paul & Jeff, rode the Berowra turn with the ride down to the Ferry extension & then flew back up again & down the highway for coffee. I think you Ladies must have turned over nearly 70kms – what fantastic talent you have. And yet one more thank you, this time, Susan for being our Lead Rider.

And to those who through injury, travel interstate or overseas, sorry you missed a really fun time,.. BUT... keep checking for my next emails !! There will be another ride very soon,.. probably just as we start into Spring. If you have friends or work colleagues who you think might like to be part of the Turramurra Peloton Pink Fun, start working on them now, we’d love to have more new people join in.

Thank you one & all for making my Sunday morning. I had such a great time too and it makes me so happy to see a bunch of women chatting, laughing & making friends and doing it while getting one of the best exercise work outs going – Riding Your Bike.


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