Peloton Sports/TORC Weekly News 09/08/2016

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Have you Registered for the Hunter Classic?

Our annual Hunter Classic is coming up in a few weeks (21st Aug 2016) and should be another fabulous one day classic. The ride starts at Turramurra Cyclery and finishes at Harrigans in Pokolbin for a well deserved lunch. Everyone will be driven home on the booked bus where you can have a nap or analyse the ride on Strava!

For more information and registration - please click here. Make sure you register asap so we can firm up the booking for the bus and organising the event.

Steve's Ride Report
It was a ride of attrition like few others. About forty riders left (Boneman didn’t - the soft man slept in!) and I counted four riders having coffee at the back of the shop four hours later - five if you include Honeybun who rode up on her hipster town bike to meet us. ‘Excuses’ were many and varied, including:

  • turning early (PD);
  • getting dropped (not telling);
  • doing gymnastics over the handlebar (please don’t do it again Rowdy);
  • waiting for the ambo (special kudos to Vaughan, Tony H and Jools);
  • starting to flail after spending hours on the front (our man Haydyn - kudos);
  • missing the bunch and meeting us outside Somersby (Pink Geoff, a sort of negative being dropped);
  • broke spoke (Tony D) ; and
  • falling back to assist broke spoke Tony (kudos Darren).

Yep sometimes stuff happens to the best of riders and in this case Rowdy bounced off his handlebar and did the over the handlebar thing again. He was okay at coffee at the back of the shop afterwards, but seems to have misplaced a few minutes of his life. Its okay, he was rugged up under a jersey kindly donated by Mr Pearchee (double kudos for that) so didn’t miss much.

The rollout was steady with Rowdy and Jake on the front. They rolled off eventually and it was good to see everyone rolling through and taking turns keeping the pace high. A couple of splits in the peloton were brought back and it was altogether at Peats Ridge. Rowdy and Haydyn set a cracking pace back to Somersby and the inevitable split occurred on the climb back to Calga.

Graeme drove the front bunch home while the civilised riders came home a short time later (except for broke spoke Tony and Darren). Deb Deb got stronger and stronger over the ride, Simon S is climbing like a mountain goat.

Great ride - as Ron Dogz said.

Great practice for the Hunter - be there or be a equal sided quadrilateral with opposing angles each Pi /2 radians.

See you on the road - active recovery this week.


Last Sunday was Peats Ridge, it was fantastic to rollout as one group!

Events for the week 09/08

Wednesday 10/08

TORC Night Ride
7.00pm Hornsby pool gates (Just before the TAFE)

Thursday 11/08 

Thursday Casual Nibbles and Drinks (free)
6.30pm Bar Stelvio, back of Turramurra Cyclery

Friday 12/08 

Friday Fatbuster
6.15am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark

Saturday 13/08 

Saturday West Head/Akuna Bay
7.00am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark
TORC Traditional Saturday loop, clockwisemore info
7.00am Front of Turramurra Cyclery

Sunday 14/08

The Sunday Ride to Maraylya
The Shorter Sunday Ride to Fagan Park
7.00am Turramurra Cyclery CarparkOther News

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