Peloton Sports/TORC Weekly News 13/09/2016


Peloton Sports/TORC Weekly News
Amy's Gran Fondo
In case you haven't heard we had a clean sweep at amy's gran fondo on the weekend. At the finish were Paul Eaton, Vaughan, Deb, Julian, Tony harlick, John Horsborogh, Ed and Simon S. They have all qualified for next year's world champs! Notable were John H. winning his category (and looking very fresh on the front of a bunch into the finish!), and Deb 5th in her age group. Apologies if there were other members we have missed... well done everyone!

A Glorious Day to Ride
The sun usually rises before I do now, the thermometer is above 10 degrees early morning so it is time to enjoy our glorius spring sunshine. And on Sunday many of us did.

Tony H, Simon S, Deb Deb, Vaughn and others rode Amy’s Gran Fondo. They ride it in reverse now - there is a whopping big hill after 2 kilometres so maybe the timing will be a little slower now. Haven’t heard from anybody so no doubt all went well (update: yes they did as per news flash above!). All we know is that Tony H called it a ‘very tough ride’. Well no point in driving all the way to Lorne for a Cafe Cruise to the local. Merry and I declined this year but maybe next year we will reconsider.

Some raced at West Head too though I am not sure how that went.

Meanwhile we had a few dozen doing Maraylya (one of those M rides out towards Pitt Town). Rolling out together Rowdy set a solid pace up the hill at Galston Gorge. From there the good split worked wonders and we had a dozen or so in the second - more classy bunch. Great to ride alongside Chris B, Cathie D, PD, Andrew N, Patsy et al. It was also great to catch up with Mary B and Andrew S. I haven’t seen much of them recently but their form is still there.

My new bike frame looks a treat - and rides as well as the old one. All I need to do now is get the engine ticking over better.

One way to do that - see you out on the road.


Hip Hip Hooray to Amy's Gran Fondo!

Events for the week 13/09

Wednesday 14/09 TORC Night Ride
7.00pm Hornsby pool gates (Just before the TAFE)
Thursday 15/09 Thursday Casual Nibbles and Drinks (free)
6.30pm Bar Stelvio, back of Turramurra Cyclery
Friday 16/09 Friday Fatbuster
6.15am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark
Saturday 17/09 Saturday West Head/Akuna Bay
7.00am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark
TORC Manly Dam more info
7.00am Parking behind Nandos, Mona Vale Rd, St Ives
Sunday 18/09 The Sunday Classic to Bumble Hill
7.00am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark

Other News
Eastbound Cyclist Diversion on Hills M2 Motorway
To enable work to progress on NorthConnex, the eastbound cycleway on the Hills M2 between Windsor Road and Pennant Hills will also be closed from 9pm on 19 September 2016 for approximately 24 months.
This closure is required to enable the safe construction of the new northbound entry to the NorthConnex tunnel and a cycleway structure, as part of changes to the eastbound off-ramp at Pennant Hills Road.

An alternative cycleway route has been built and signage installed to safely direct cyclists (refer to their website).

The eastbound detour is approximately 11km and starts at the Hills M2 motorway near Cropley Drive (Winston Hills), follows Windsor Road, Northmead Avenue, Kleins Road, Moxhams Road, Reilleys Road, Willmott Avenue, Model Farms Road, Junction Road, New North Rocks Road, Jennie Place, Haines Avenue, Murray Farm Road before rejoining the Hills M2 at Pennant Hills Road. Cyclists are advised to allow extra travel time for their journey.

If you have any questions please call 1800 997 057, email or visit the NorthConnex Community Information Centre at 118 Yarrara Road, Pennant Hills, open weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

2016 Peloton Sports Memberships

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