Peloton Sports/TORC Weekly News 16/08/2016

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Steve's Safety Message for all of US

Lovely riding weather on the weekend. Honeybun and I rode on Sunday, enjoying the cool crisp air around Akuna Bay and Duffy’s Forest.

But this week’s report is mostly about safety. Most of you will know that there are some parts of our ride that are less safe than others, and sometimes we need to put safe passage ahead of swift passage….

One of the our most common rides is the Saturday jaunt out to Akuna Bay, West Head and Duffy’s Forest. Indeed with rides as beautiful as this one its no surprise we get so many riders out of bed so early to enjoy the mix of fast riding along Mona Vale Road, hills, water views and rolling road with few cars out to West Head.

However, we are returning from the ride around 9:30 am on a busy Saturday trying to cross Mona Vale Road to turn right onto Pentecost. The mix of families doing the Saturday sport thing, St Ives shoppers and the occasional 14 wheel monster truck can lead to a lethal (for us) and disturbing (for the bus driver, Mum with kids, truck driver) altercation which can only lead to distress to our loved ones. So please, think about some options.

As you approach St Ives, think about how best to get through the shopping strip mall between Stanley Street and Memorial Avenue. Generally we tend to take the middle lane which is to be encouraged. After we navigate the strip mall we need to cross three lanes of traffic,

  • Work out how to get across Mona Vale Road. If you are stopped at lights at Cowan Road (the lights just before Pentecost Avenue), maybe move into the right hand lane so you don’t have to cross moving cars;
  • Alternatively, you could scooch over into Shinfield Avenue (just opposite Cowan Road), do a U turn and wait for the next lights. Roads should be fairly clear to turn left into the right hand lane;
  • If you haven’t been able to get across there is always Putarri Ave (just after the 7-11 petrol station) where you can wait for a break in the traffic.

I’ve smelt the burning tyre rubber of a semi-trailer braking to avoid running over a cyclist. Thank you truck driver for succeeding. It is not something I want to hear ever again.

Let’s ride fast, have fun, but mostly ride safe,


Map below of the roads mentioned in Steve's safety message...

Events for the week 16/08

Wednesday 17/08 

TORC Night Ride
7.00pm Hornsby pool gates (Just before the TAFE)

Thursday 18/08 

Thursday Casual Nibbles and Drinks (free)
6.30pm Bar Stelvio, back of Turramurra Cyclery

Friday 19/08 

Friday Fatbuster
6.15am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark

Saturday 20/08 

Saturday West Head/Akuna Bay
7.00am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark
TORC Manly Dammore info
7.00am Parking behind Nandos, Mona Vale Rd, St Ives

Sunday 21/08 

The Hunter Classic
7.00am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark 

Be there 5-10mins beforehand for briefingOther News

Last Minute Calling for the Hunter Classic
The annual Hunter Classic will be on this weekend. Thanks to everyone who have registered, we have had a fabulous response to the event and it is going to be an awesome day. Best of luck everyone!

If you have not registered and would like to come - please click here. Register asap in the next 24 hours so we can finalise our Peloton Sports Team Bus and the sports masseur :)

2016 Peloton Sports Memberships

Have you renewed you license? We have recently ran an extract of the current membership listing and noticed that some of our members may have forgotten to renew... so a friendly reminder that if your license has expired at the end of Dec 2015, you need to renewal online by clicking here.