Peloton Sports/TORC Weekly News 26/07/2016

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Peloton Sports/TORC Weekly News

Tour de France Party
On Saturday night, our annual Tour de France party was held at Bar Stelvio. It was a fabulous night with 50+ people attending and it was a groovy event! We might have to think about changing the roll out time to 9am on the Sunday the next time :)

Thanks again to Peter P for providing all the food and dessert. AND the help of Owen, Vaughan, Deb and Susan behind the bar and getting the goodies out of the kitchen to everyone. We look forward to our next event and hope to make it bigger and better! Few photos from the night below, full album can be viewed on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Events for the week 26/07

Wednesday 27/07

TORC Night Ride
7.00pm Hornsby pool gates (Just before the TAFE)

Thursday 28/07

Thursday Casual Nibbles and Drinks (free)
6.30pm Bar Stelvio, back of Turramurra Cyclery

Friday 29/07

Friday Fatbuster
6.15am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark

Saturday 30/07

Saturday West Head/Akuna Bay

7.00am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark

TORC Traditional Saturday loop, anti-clockwisemore info
7.00am Front of Turramurra Cyclery.

Sunday 31/07

The Sunday Ride Pittown Ride
Pink Ladies Ride more info here
7.00am Turramurra Cyclery Carpark

Other News

Quick Racing News

Congratulations to Deb for winning women's div 2 and Victoria for 5th in div 3 over the weekend at the Olympic Park race. Hip Hip Hooray!

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